Diamond Hunt: Prologue and Chapter 1.


Arrow gazed out of the jet’s windscreen and howled into the night as she sensed danger for her master, Sophie. The wind crashed through the night sky and Arrow had just spotted the other jet, named Zebraflame smashed at Sophie’s jet, Tigermirror, and the jet fell through the sky. Tigermirror smashed into the Thames and bubbled to the surface of the ocean. Sophie was quick to gulp water and taken by the current but Arrow remained in the jet. She watched Sophie being swept away by the current and a single teardrop slid from her eye. Her master was gone.
“Goodbye, Master…I will keep Jade safe,” Arrow whispered and glided to the surface.

Chapter 1
Jade Winters dived into the pool of Tatiana South’s Cornish Academy For Girls and quickly swam to the end of the length; she breathed in the chlorine air and stumbled onto the pool’s edge. Glancing around, Jade scuttled to the sweat-scented changing rooms and dressed into her clothes rather than the school’s uncomfortable uniform.

As she exited the pool, she slipped through the school’s fire exit and down Chalker’s alley. Jade strolled through the town park until she came across one of the school’s teachers. She hurriedly ran into the shadows of a tree and waited until Miss Crackle had disappeared, avoiding a troublesome detention.
“Ahh, Jade! There you are, my girl! I was searching for you for centuries! I thought you could’ve escaped quicker!” Arrow winked and cuddled against Jade’s legs.
“Oh, Arrow! I’m so sorry! I was about to sneak off after lunch but then Claire the dinner lady caught me and I had to go back to my dormitory for an hour!”
“It’s fine,” Arrow said solemnly, “But Jade…I’m sorry to tell you that something happened to your mum. She’s in the Thames. Forever…”
“Really? I never got to say goodbye…”
“It’s okay..I’ll be here for you, why don’t we go visit Luke?”
“S-sure,” Jade stuttered and they slipped away.

Heading to Luke and his dad’s Bakery, the pair received funny looks because of keeping a mechanimal. As they reached the Bakery, wafts of fresh baked rolls floated to their nostrils. They headed inside and found Luke, slurping a cup of tea.
“I haven’t seen you in FOREVER Jade! Oh and this is the famous Arrow!” Luke shrieked.
“Oh, hey Luke, yeah this is Arrow. Anyways, I’ve got some news for you,” Jade face darkened.
“Yeah, okay, go on then…” Luke scoffed, munching a rich tea biscuit.
“You know, my mum, Sophie….She’s gone Luke! She’s gone!” Jade cried, sobbing into her hankie.
“I have some news too, your mother, she gave something to my Father. But, my Father hid it from me, so I can’t find it on my own, what do you say? Will you come and find the item that belonged to your Mother?”
“Say, yes Jade! Say yes!” Arrow whispered, keen to find this object.
“Okay..I will do it…”

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