Chapter 1


Kye glanced out of Simon’s   bedroom window, that was pouring with misty rain, as he felt as if all of the rain was drowning into his  soul, as he memorized all the old times he had. He was bored.He heard thunder. He heard stumbling engines.The turtle heard herself drifting apart. ‘Humans before mechanicals!’

Chapter 1

Sitting in the hallway lonely, Clover  Windsor felt distressed, “What if I never find it..” she said sorely to herself, whilst looking out the big school windows,that reflected her long red, curly hair. Everyone had friends. She didn’t though.It was the end of school. Her favorite part of the day! ‘’Just one more job to do’’ She thought to herself, as she sprinted as fast as her legs could go to the ‘Daily Mail’ shop. Clover HAD to get this for her dad by 4.00 straight. As she grabbed the mail she noticed a familiar name is BOLD GOLD LETTERS. It was her dad. He has gone missing? She had so many questions, her face dropped and there was silence. What was she going to do? She wasn’t going to give up that’s all she knew..

JUst then she say a familiar face pop through the bushes…’’Is that you’’? She said puzzled.

‘’Wait.. Clover is that you?

‘’Missed me?’’ 

‘’Probably not , you never use me anymore ‘aye.’’ He said his eyes dropping with tears.

“I need your help NOW!” She screamed “ Okay, it’s a long story but yeah, I need to find my dad.” She said as she saw the turtle roll his wide, droopy eyes. As she saw her locket. “ Is that my locket..”….

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