The Secret Watch by Ayla and Maya.



Shadow peered out of the glass-tinted window and noticed as the cole-black sky-ship drew nearer. He saw the chequered balloon full of air. He heard the zooming of the engine, revving up like a racing car about to zoom a lap of the track. He smelt the burning fire smell like a grate crackling in the darkness. A clunk! The little body of Shadow disappeared! For a split second he was gone. 

Then, he appeared again gripping a hazelnut in one paw, digging down to ensure it was safe. Its silky surface was glossy like newly bought lip balm.

“Take this to my girl,” boomed his master, Carl Linglethorn.

“Yes commander,”he replied, flakes of hazelnut scattering round the room, “I will go.”

Shadow dived into the icy blackness.


Chapter 1


Ava Linglethorn clambered over the rustic wall of the courtyard of Carla’s Extremely Expensive Academy For Rising Ladies, grazing her knees badly. Solemnly, she trudged through the autumnal day, determined to find her Shadow. Through brambles like a prickly needle, over stones that twisted her ankles and into the clearing of the forest.

For many days, she studied the note, it said “ find the time and you shall keep it!” 


After a few moments, she heard the familiar drop of nuts and Shadow appeared from the corner. “I’ve experienced torture,” he began,”those paths in the sky and skyship. Oh my! Please give me a wind up Ava.” 

Ava laughed a strange one “ ok” she said. She bent down and started winding it up. 

His dusty fur was battered and bruised from that dive and he was tired. 


That afternoon,Luke from the shoe shop down the road was shocked to see Ava and Shadow in Redford alley. “Of course, you’re thinking about your mother’s fancy golden watch.” spoke Luke solemnly. The strap, comforting like the duvet on one’s bed. The steady beats of time was like a heart pulsing. “Sorry,” muttered Luke, “We are here to support you,” he finished.


“He’s right” squeaked Shadow. “We need to get back to Thorn house and save it before the bad people get it.”

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