The Butterfly Necklace


The Lady Lenka ship was out on the English Channel. Olivia and Olive were on the ship, heading towards France. They were halfway when all of a sudden a loud bang caught their attention. “Woah!” roarded Olivia, “I wonder what that was!” The pair hurried to the closest window and peered over. To their surprise, it was an iceberg! Olive ran to the captain’s cabin to check he was OK. “Captain, are you-” the captain turned round slowly, it was as if he was being controlled. This wasn’t Captain O’hanad it was…..a stranger! 


“Olivia! The Captain he’s bad. It is not O’hanad. We need to jump! Like NOW.” Olivia and Olive got the safety boat and threw it out of the window and jumped!


Chapter 1.


At Caroline Simpson’s School for Girls, Donna Smith was in the playground alone. “I wish Olivia and Olive would come one day to tell me the news. I’m going to go see.” she thought. 

Climbing over the fence, Donna saw Olive and Olivia crouching by a tree.


“Your dad gave us this necklace for you ages ago. He told us to go on a ship to France to meet you.” whispered Olive.

“Those were his last words to us.” muttered Olivia.

“Some bad people are after the necklace. We’d better keep it safe.” cried Olive.

Donna nodded her head, she couldn’t help but being reminded of her mother who had died after a man wanted the necklace and shot her! She wondered whether her dad was OK now and hadn’t died in the helicopter crash. 


At that moment, Olivia let out a roar. “By golly, are we just going to stand here all day. At least you don’t have to go back to that dreadful place.” She looked at the horrible school that Donna had just been in. 


The next morning, Olivia awoke to find Olive and Donna standing outside the jewelry shop. Olivia went out to see. Donna was telling Olive how she would often stare out of her bedroom window at the jewelry shop and stare at the necklace her mother had got. Now she had it. The rare necklace with a purple butterfly printed on its front. “You can stop now if it’s making you feel upset.” cried Olive.


“You probably should, we gotta get going.” screeched Olivia. “ROAR!”

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