Gorilatron glared out the misty window , creeping closer like a spider about to pounce on its next victim . Grace and Olivia heard a pound of a heart. I very big heart . Gusseds of wind blew down over there head , like a storm about to explode . Hearts paising , foreheads sweating , they made a run for it whilst holding there breath under the ocean bubbles .Beautiful coral refs got destroyed , by gigantic , heavy feet thumping on sea life, whilst only having one motive to complete . He had hassle nut brown ,ruffled fur covering his whole Body .Luscious ,shiny leather , covered his snout feeling like rough fabric .standing a whopping 50 feet tall , gorilatron loomed over his next meal .

Chapter 1

You can hear gorillatrons roar scratching at the back of his throat , booming like a T Rex’s stomp .Clear bouncing bubbles fluttered to the serfise , in clutters bobbing about . Olivia was starting to slow down , Grace was to .Accept something was wrong , the foot steps were getting louder and louder ,they couldn’t run any longer .Minds muffled and flooded with what there next move would be ,something grabbed a hold of them tight with there wrinkly fingers and sharp pointy head choppers about to SNAP ! 

Graces wavy midnight black hair , tangled up inside gorilatrons wrist making him loose his grip . Slipping away ,without thinking about it she ran of . Far of .What would happen to Olivia ? In the distance you could here her faint whisper,

 “help me,” 

Grace needed to brain storm an idea and fast .Pouncing back to the crystal cave , Grace settled in to a rocking chair by the” fire place “. Unfortunately nothing was coming to her , no ideas , no suggestions ,nothing ,until … A seed dropped in her mind she had a marvellous , mischievous, plan.

With her mind twisting about her new mind boggling idea clicking she had to put it all into action but, she couldn’t do it alone.

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