Cercalus was with Barry on an aeroplane. Thump!  Bump! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! “Cercalus what is happening.” shouted Barry “I don’t know.”  Cercalus responded  zzrrrrzzzzrrrr! “Someone’s sawing through the roof.” “Run!” Boom! The back of the plane had been blown of. Cercalus and Barry ran to the emergency exit at the front of the plane. “Jump!” Said Cercalus “What!” “Just jump!”  Cercalus and Barry jump out of the plane and then Cercalus’  parachute came out of his back. “How does that big parachute fit in your tiny sausage dog body” shouted Barry whilst they were floating down. “I don’t know.” Cercalus said. “Wait what happened to all the other people on the plane with us.” Barry trembled. “Oh no.” “Anyway we are about to land.” cheered Cercalus. Cercalus and Barry landed but then. Boom! Cercalus and Barry look behind them. “The plane is heading towards us!” “ its coming down!” “Run!” 

Chapter 1

4 hours earlier.

 Barry was strolling around his house when he heard a weird sound upstairs. “Hello? Is anyone there?” With no response Barry went upstairs into the spare room and found to be what looked like a purple portal. Then a little metal dog came out of it. “Who are you?” The dog said. “I am Barry.” “Hi Barry I am Cercalus and where am I?” “You are in my house!” “Oh.” “Wait you just came out of a portal.” “Yes I did. Do you also mind following me through the portal behind me?” “Yes I mind.” Then £200 came out of Cercalus’ body “No I don’t mind at all.” They both go through the portal and teleport the the airport. “Wait why can’t you teleport to your destination” “I have non left. “Oh” 

Present day 

“Ok do you not have any portals left.” “Sorry but no.”  “Oh wait I remember my master put an extra one in my tail” Barry then grabbed the portal out of Cercalus’ tail and threw it on the ground.  So they then jumped in… 

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