how to keep a wizard unicorn


How To keep a wizard unicorn

Have you ever wondered how to keep a wizard unicorn or to make a unicorn den?these steps will help you do that.






-water about ten degrees

-living organisms


-exercise for 4 hours

-let sleep for 8 hours


-football pitch


First perches some grapes and strawberry,s for your unicorn to eat because this is there diet and it makes them happy.

Next gather one long stick and 5 medium sticks and one rope to tie it all together.

After that scavenging for some river water then bring the water back and then grab a boll and pore it in.

Now bath this unicorn with ten degrees and finally scrub it with soap .

After that make a bed from cotton and sticks for it to lay on whilst it’s drying off.

Once you have done that find a football pitch for your unicorn stay and exercised on the pitch.


If not follow this unicorn will blow up the earth core

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