How to look after a baby lasercorn.

How to look after a baby lasercorn.

Have you just hatched a rare baby lasercorn? if so fear no more because i will provide great detail to look after it. Just sit back and read with joy.

What you need: an isolated area, apples, carrots, bed, pillows, sofa, trees and friends.

First, provide an isolated area because sometimes it needs alone time. It needs playing equipment for when you go to work so that it doesn’t get bored.

Then, make a comfy bed since they an get tired frequently. Get some treats like apples or carrots because they can grow nice and strong for when they get old.

Also, provide natural spring water although they can live off other types natural keeps them the healthiest. They also need light because they love being able to be seen by humans.

Next, make sure it doesn’t have any tics or moths on it because they’re more likely to be allergic to them and make sure you shower them daily.

After that, make sure you clean it’s horn every weak because if it gets a crack in it’s horn that’s to big it might die. Don’t bath it shower it because they would think they’re in danger.

Later on, hide it’s eyes when there’s thunder because it has a severe panic attack when it does.

Finally, sing it to sleep and tuck it in otherwise it won’t sleep and it loves nothing wore than your touch before bed.

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