how to look after a troll

Has someone given you a pet troll to look after? No fear. If you read this amazing instruction book about how to look after your pet troll, you’ll have no problem looking after one.


All you need to look after your pet troll is: a cosy bed, nice flowers, lots of snow and its cosy bed painted blue.


What to do: 

First, you will have to buy a perfect size bed because your troll only likes small places but be careful because it might get stuck.

Next, grab a small blanket to fit in its small cosy bed.

Then, talk to your troll and read it a story.

Also get a large portion of chicken for its dinner before it goes to sleep.

After that, exercise your pet daily so it gets big and strong.

Later on, let your pet troll have some ply time before it goes to sleep.

Finally, sing a lullaby then wait for it to fall asleep.


Trolls are amazing creatures but eventually they will get big and you will haft to let them out into the wild.

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