How to look after a unicorn.

How to look after a unicorn


Has somebody left a unicorn roaming in your garden? Well this guide will help you take care of these magnificent creatures. Making you understand what is needed to have the pleasant feeling of calmness while watching your unicorn develop and grow healthily.


What you need…


You will need a large area, food, water, leaves, vines, special flowers (dandelions), amethyst shards (not deadly sharp) and a soft, raised bed.


What to do:


First, you must create a large enclosed space if not your unicorn will become claustrophobic and most likely run away.

Next, ensure your unicorn has its favourite color blanket followed with LED lights, (you may be spoiling your unicorn however they only then feel comfortable).

Then make sure to talk to your unicorn as not only are they gaining your trust but also believing they are shielded and protected from any sort of danger.

Also, supply water for your unicorn frequently otherwise consequences will occur along with food such as flowers.

After that, confirm your unicorn exercises daily by letting it roam around in preferably a field. Yet double check that there are no dogs or cats as they easily ***** unicorns.

Later on, check if you have the time to play with your unicorn otherwise your unicorn may start to think you don’t love it.

Finally, sing your precious creature to comfort it. If you’re lucky it will dance for you!


Unicorns make wonderful pets however they will eventually have to be released into the wild. Although this will be heartbreaking they will visit if they have the time.

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