How to look after a baby phoenix


Have you been sent a baby Phoenix by one of your relatives? Are you pondering how to take care of it? Well fear not, read this good guide and you will be soon raising a phoenix in your own home.

What you need:

Leaves,a big space so it can fly,lava,flame proof gloves, a plentiful supply of patience and kindness ,a bed of coals not yet lit and a phoenix flute.


What to do:

First ,heat a bed of coals and lay your phoenix on them.

Next, find a place that sells flame proof gloves.

Then stroke its plumed head and sing softly.

Later on, give your phoenix some leaves and take it out to fly and stretch its wings so that it has strong healthy wings.

Finally, if you give it Eucalyptus leaves,it will sing phoenix song.

Phoenix’s are beautiful creatures and one thing to bear in mind:they will have to be set free and if you were good and nice to them,they will come back

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