How to look after a mischievous night unicorn

Have you found a lonely baby night unicorn?Are you wondering how on earth your going to look after it? No fear we have the perfect solution for you if you read the instructions we give you and you’ll be just fine.

What you need:

A enclosed space but enough room for it to run.Fruit and grass for it to keep healthy and since it lives in he woods.Water from a trickling water fountain to keep it hydrated.Toys for it to play with. (dog toys) Place for it to sleep (on straw,blanket,duvet or a normal human bed) A place for it to play in like the enclosed area or a garden.

First,build a enclosed space so that your unicorn can’t get in any danger from poachers but make sure there’s enough oxygen for it to breath.

Next,provide a warm,long blanket for your unicorn to sleep or sit on but also make sure there’s enough shade so it doesn’t get to hot.

Then,give it a water and food source so that it can have any when needed so it can stay hydrated.Make sure there’s grass and leaves to keep it from eating unhealthy.This will result in a healthy unicorn.

After that,make sure your unicorn doesn’t meet with other animals cats and dogs are alright since they have communicated before but horses is a danger because they start to be aggressive and can cause a neighbourly nusiance.

Later on,play and exorsise your unicorn to keep it fit and not go overweight.

Finally,put your unicorn to bed and read it to sleep so that your unicorn and you can have a good nights sleep and have joyful dreams.

When it’s older the mother will come along and take the baby unicorn it will be hard but you have to face it.If the mother does not come in a while then the mother has given up or fogot about it then it’s yous but it’s better for the mother to come.



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