How to look after a baby snow unicorn

Have you just found a baby snow unicorn laying in the middle of the street? Are you wondering how your going to take good care of the glamorous and precious creature. If you say yes to that then read the instructions below to see how you can.

What you need 

Snow and ice everywhere so that your snow unicorn won’t defrost. Also you will need water so that it wont dehydrate and has good hygiene. A big, cold and soft blanket so it can get a good night sleep without getting to hot. When your giving your baby snow unicorn a treat make sure it’s icicles. You will need a Ice cold bed for it to sleep.

What to do:

First, create an enclosed area with air conditioners so it’s not to warm.

Next, have a cold and comfy blanket so it can be comfy whilst sleeping with a little bit of shade.

Also, you will need food and water in the enclosed space so they don’t dehydrate or starve.

After that, walk your baby unicorn daily so it’s not shy when they’re an adult.

Later on, go into their room you need to nourish and entertain your unicorn.

Finally, lay your unicorn in a small bed with their blanket so it can sleep.


Although snow unicorns are great pets you will have to be cautious when it’s older since it might try to attack you ; so you might have to release them into the wild. They are most likely to outgrow their room so you might have to make there room bigger

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