How to look after a baby unicorn by Lauren

Do you know how to look after a baby unicorn? If you don’t (and I’m sure not many people do!), read the following instructions carefully. If you are lucky, your baby unicorn will be happy, excited and joyful to be living with you.

What you need

A safe, outdoor place like a dry corner in your garden, best of all under trees. A soft blanket as unicorns like to snuggle in something fluffy, lots of fruit (apples and oranges) cut up into chunks, fresh rain water, lots of love and patience!

What to do

First, go outside and put your fluffy blanket in the dry, shady place where your unicorn will be happy.

Next, take her to her new snuggly home and play with her until she gets used to it. This might take half an hour, maybe longer. Be VERY patient as she’s only small and doesn’t really know what to do.

Then, carefully put a dog bowl full of fresh apple and orange chunks in a different corner so she doesn’t spill it and make a mess in her bed.

After that, fill a different bowl full of fresh, clean rainwater and put it next to her food bowl. Baby unicorns are very, very thirsty and need lots of liquid.

Later on, near 7 o’clock or when its getting dark, take her for a short walk around the garden so she feels less energetic and will sleep more quickly.

Finally, put on a calm song (not rock music!) and stay with her until she falls asleep.

If you follow my instructions, your unicorn will be happy and might stay with you for up to five years. When five years is over, you will have to let your unicorn go so it can find a friend. When it has found a friend, it will come back in a few days because it will miss you (and you will miss her).

Good luck!

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