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How to look after a baby unicorn.

Have you been given a baby unicorn?Are you wondering how to ever take care of such a delicate being?Fear not.Read the instructions down below to find out how to look after your pet baby unicorn just how it should be taken care of  and loved.

What you will need;

Lots of warm cozy blankets, pillows for a comfort, shade, water and a nutritious diet, and last of all give them a stroke so they feel at home.

First, make sure you provide a cozy warm blanket or a padded area for the unicorn to sleep, unicorns love this and it will tell them that your making them feel at home and your very humble.

Next, provide a nutritious meal  for the unicorn to make sure they stay healthy and happy  you can use foods such as; leaves, berries, unicorn yogurt, and don’t forget to bring fresh lake water for them.They love these wild foods because of how much flavour they provide. Their owners love to feed these meals because of how much energy it gives to the unicorns(which is why they have so much energy.)These delicious meals can be found in any local forest, make sure that the unicorns have their food fresh out of a cold storage container.Unicorns love it when their food is cold because of  how crunchy and refreshing it is.

Then, Make sure  your unicorn gets lots of cuddles and strokes this will make them feel very at home and in a very safe area.They will start to develop the feeling that they can trust you and know that you will do as much as you can to make them feel comfortable.Remember unicorns can get very aggressive if they don’t feel right in there current surroundings or if they don’t get any sleep so make sure to beware of their bed time and get it on time.

Also, always make sure that your unicorn has been placed in a medium sized fenced area but always remember it’s always better inside so that the unicorn does not get cold this could lead to a awful experience for the unicorn and they will not forgive you.

Later on, never forget to play with your unicorn they love The excitement of running around The house but don’t be afraid they are very careful with their surroundings so they will not break any fragile objects in your household.

Finally, always set a timing to do some exercise with your unicorn such; walks, small runs, playing, catching ball, chasing, and the unicorns love it when you both dance to a jam.This will definitely make you have a bond with each other and this will make your unicorn will love you.

Unicorns make a lovely pet and get to spend every day with them and watch them grow up.Unfortunately a sad day will come but it will be for the best you stand and watch as your unicorn walks into its habitat.Don’t worry though I’m sure they’ll come to visit you again.

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