How to take care of a Peryton

How to take care of a Peryton

Have you been wondering how to take care of a Peryton? Just so you know, a Peryton is a winged reindeer. Here are the instructions to look after one so it becomes fit and healthy.

What you need: 

A big, soft blanket, patterned wallpaper, water, grass, plenty of love and a bed.

What to do:  

First, buy a bed with a big, soft blanket so that the Peryton can sleep and not get tired for the next day.

Next, play with your Peryton otherwise it could become upset or bored.

The, talk with your Peryton and stroke it gently, since they don’t like anything more than human contact.

After that, exercise your pet daily. This is because magical creatures would grow and they would need to be fit and healthy to go to the wild.

Finally, provide your pet with food and water with vitamins such as grass and other green food. They need this is that they can go in the wild when they grow up.




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