How to look after a lightning unicorn

How to look after a lightning unicorn

Have you ever been given a lightning unicorn for Christmas? Well fear not here are 6 simple steps to lead you to success.

What you need





-fresh water


-hot water at 20 degrees

-space as big as an Olympic race track

What to do

First,purchase barbecued burgers and fish,so you can create a very strong bond together.

Next,quickly buy three hundred packs of cotton wool from Tesco but if Tesco has got any go to Asda.

Afterwards,locate a deserted Olympic race track and then your unicorn gets exercise.

Now, carefully find a lightning shaped duvet in the cloud kingdom if not this may result in your unicorn mite get cranky.

Then obtain fresh water and milk because it is allergic to juice and smoothies.

Finally,grab 20 litres of 30 degrees water but if  the water is to cold it will freeze.


If not followed properly the lightning unicorn will create an eternal lightning storm all over the world! Good luck.

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