Prologue and chapter 1



Spideox stared out of the Dinosaur’s window as the silver and gold supertrain(electro 1) pulled closer and closer.He saw the train start to brake like a car pulling up to a driveway.He heard the sound of scraping against the tracks like someone sharpening a sword.His owner Jim stepped out of the train and walked home and explained to Spideox why he was late(he was late because his train broke down at heathrow airport station and had to wait an hour).Spideox sensed that Jim was hiding something from him but doesn’t know what. Jim fell out of the window and Spideox tries to rescue him but is to late.

Chapter 1

Nudging the back door of the Academy for Young Homeless girls,Amelia Woodman peered right across the play yard. Within seconds she was sprinting across the play yard to the rope which was thrown over the fence.weirdly she ended up on sports lane.

She stopped by a tree to regain breath and thought of reading the letter from her father before he died.He wrote a sentence that really frightened her. It says’ Make sure you go to the place where I died.’When she read that she had goosebumps that covered her body like a snake spreading it’s goo, she never wanted to go to where her father died.

On her way there she found Spideox but also bumped into a gang of kidnappers but at that moment Amelia winds up Spideox and he comes to life rescue Amelia from the kidnappers and he says “let go of her at once or i’ll  scram you until you run away!” he scramed them and they ran away.

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