Prolouge and Chapter 1 By Sophia



Todoroki stared  out of the Genshin scared as he tried to harpoon the over ship called the Demonslayer. He heard… The enemies that were shouting from miles away! They were like loud elephants! His owner Miyuki told him that he needed to be saved and not her. Miyuki sensed that she would not die and live happily after this terror of events. She said take the pod I’ll be alright. Give the note to Izumi for me she’s in Tokyo. She gave him the note and said goodbye he baaaaad back. 


Todoroki took the pod and fled out of the ship leaving Miyuki behind and Todoroki had the note that Miyuki had given him and cried himself to sleep hoping for  her safety.


Minutes after, Miyuki got struck with pain everywhere as she saw a  serpent staff and then it all went black……


 Chapter 1


The News

Fleeing through the doors of Sakura Uraka Institution Academia for Girls, Izumi waited until the coast was clear then she ran as swiftly as lightning without getting caught. She hid in Natsu Lane then she saw Todoroki!  He came over with a note that had urgent stamped onto it. Izumi’s body shook, as  fear sent a shiver down her spine


The note read ……


Dear Izumi, my precious pearl I’m in danger right now but don’t worry I’ll handle it my dear. I need you  to find the family MacGuffin the Tsukimoso Ry  Pouch located somewhere underground, maybe in a vault but I’ll see you soon and I’ll tell you what happened when I see you again.


Love From – Mother (Miyuki)


At that moment they knew they had to get the MacGuffin and save Miyuki. “But before we go can you tick me up please precisely 10 ticks” baaaad Todoroki. “ Sure” Izumi said calmly. 1… 2… 3… 4…  5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10…



Now Izumi and the red and white mechanical sheep ( Todoroki) set off to save Miyuki and receive the MacGuffin for  Miyuki, they were risking it all for the person who had kept their lives stable. Quickly they ran away and searched for the MacGuffin to save Miyuki even through the darkest of nights.

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