Star Falls

Star Falls Island

Why not experience the time of your life tasting approximately the most colossal chocolate fountain in the world?

You and your family will witness definitely the most memorable moment at this luxury hotel!

Do you want to experience the divine king sized bed and the marble hot tub?

Are you willing to appreciate our amusing wildlife and have a grand meal in our dinner hall?

Well StarFallians   you’re in for a treat, sit back and relax and observe an astounding ride!

Why not visit Steam Café and spectate our 20% of Wind Latte?

Explore Hippogriff Valley were you can see their astonishing habitat and affectionate cuddles.

Go on a hike up Razor Hills and you will be utterly flabbergasted by the scenery off  this rare hill.

Marvel at the pre-historic museum and see the dazzling diamonds found in 1897.

Cool off at Sponges Water park were you can see all the nerve wracking water slides.

In Hippogriff Valley your kids will have an ideal moment with these sociable creatures. Instead of demolishing your kids brains with these aggressive computer games let your kids something for once! You will:

  • Feed the Hippogriff some beneficial food;
  • Learn how to ride on the wonderful creatures back;
  • Comb the animal’s glossy hair with its favourite hairbrush;
  • Walk in the forests of Planet Clover with the Hippogriff by your side;
  • If you feel confident, why not have a swim with this well trained being;
  • At the end you can even go and visit Steam Café and get a 20% discount if you use this code (FRD5841) come with your family and we accept any pets from claws to paws and fluffy faces too!

Hope you have the time of your life At Star Falls!

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