The Hogwarts hotel by Annabelle G

  • Are you longing for an adventure?Are your children bored at the weekends? Do you want to be blown away? Well cone today to never believe island today!
  • Ride  on Phoenix’s across the island!
  • Enjoy being sorted into a house at the Hogwarts hotel!
  • Meet queen Sandy and king Tiny at sandcastle cove!
  • Come to the crystallised caves to have fun
  • Eat at Mac-chickens wonderful chicken restaurant!

Fly on Phoenix’s for only £5. Feel the ocean water as you swoop high and low.look at the island from a birds eye view!

Feel like a princess at the magical sand castle cove! Meet Queen Sandy and King Tiny. Sunbathe on the warm cosy sand!

Go to the amazing one and only Hogwarts hotel! Get sorted into a house of Griffindoor , Ravenclaw, slithering and Hufflepuff. Play real life quidditch with your friends!Get to see what Hogwarts really looks like!

Go to the guarded Crystallised caves to get real crystals. Find out about the caves history. See the electric shadow dragon on top of the caves.

Eat at the amazing Mac-chickens! Food is served by a cart riding on a mini roller coaster! Eat only the best chickens (we have a vegan offer to!)including chicken chips!

Book now for 50% off until December 1st! Please text or call 946777423921

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  1. It is really nice and wonderful.what inspired you to do this one you could improve by adding noun and adjective

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