The Land of Blossom

The Land of Blossom


Visit the land of Blossom, you’ll never believe what fun we have for the family.

Are your children ever bored on the week end? Watching the same programme over and over again? Why not visit the island of blossom and enter a fabulous world?

Find the bunniecorn

Swim in the blue sparkling clear ocean.

Be surprised by the fabulous rainbow chocolate bubble tea.

Wonder at the fairy-tale world.

On the rainbow indoor play area your children will be having hours of fun they will;

. climb the rainbow obstacle course;

. learn gymnastics in the rainbow stars gymnasium;

. play all day and have hours of fun.

Blossom island is where your dreams begin. Most of our visitors are not amazing gymnasts. ‘It was amazing,’ explained Mabel Gosling-Brown, the famous chocolate scientist, when she visited.

There is also ample parking at each attraction, plenty of cafes and restaurants where kids eat free and a fun range of stunning shops.



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