How to look after a galaxy unicorn.

Do you need to look after  galaxy unicorn?Are you perplexed on what your going to do?Fear not.These instructions will get you through everything you need to know.

What you need:Glittering water from the fountain,food to eat,chew toys,a bed with a fluffy green blanket and lots of kindness.

First, make sure your unicorn has glittery water to drink.So that, it does not get dehydrated.

Then,make sure it has an enclosed area .Since, it needs somewhere to stay overnight.

Next, make sure your  unicorn has a nice,fluffy blanket to keep warm.As, it needs to be warm during. winter

Also, make sure it has chew toys to play with.This will result in your unicorn having more fun.

After that, make sure that it has a bed to sleep.Otherwise it will be determined to run away.

Later on,make the time to play with your animal and bond together.So that, it doesn’t pine away.

Finally sing to your unicorn and dance with it.So that,it will still visit you and wants to always spend time with you whenever it can.

Sadly,when the unicorn grows up their mother will come to take it away from you .But if you treated it you right it will come back one day to spend time with you bonding.


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