How to look after your unicorn.

Have you got a unicorn to  look after?If you do are you wondering how to look after it? If you are read these instructions and they will teach you. Keep reading to find more information.

What you need:

A soft blue blanket,to live in a forest,needs to be near a flowing waterfall or stream,needs a bowl of carrots every day and a den with shade and a soft pillow.

What you do:

Firstly, you need to make a enclosed space out of twigs and in a soft patch of dirt so that the unicorn is comfy.

Then, pet it and talk to it everyday because the unicorn loves humans more then it does anything else.

Next, put it in the bottom of a waterfall so it can drink the fresh water out of the river.

Later on, sing to it so it can fall asleep easily and pet it at the same time.

After that, give it toys and it will earn your trust and play with you.

Finally, give it a bowl of carrots or meat everyday so its not hungry.Also it will hug you it’s hooves.


It doesn’t like vehicles so keep it in a quite space so it doesn’t get aggressive or scared.When it get’s older it will run away and try and find it’s mother.If it can’t it will come back and stay with you forever. They never forget about you.

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