The Baby Forest Unicorn

How to look after a baby forest unicorn.

Have you just been given a baby unicorn to look after? Fear not. Read these instructions and you’ll be a unicorn pro and you’ll be able to watch it grow.

What you need:

A comfy bed, apple trees, orange trees, a little pond for swimming and drinking, grass, leaves and plenty of kindness.

First, create a big, enclosed space for your baby unicorn to run around.

Next, provide a pond, a comfy bed and a shed so that it’s warm.

Then, make sure the pond is clean enough to drink out of so that it isn’t bad and unhealthy.

Also, play around with it because it loves running and cuddling. You have to for at least 2 hours per day (both added together.)

After that, take your majestic forest unicorn and let it show you it’s amazing swimming tricks as they love swimming in their spare time.

Later on, feed it because you don’t want it to be hungry and not grow.

Finally, put it to bed and relax because it’s a tiring job, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Unicorns make wonderful pets but eventually it will be able to look after and hunt for itself. If you treat it well, it’ll return. Unicorns are faithful to the ones that treat them correctly.

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