The Magnificent Mountain Range

The Magnificent Mountain Range.


Do you ever yearn for freedom? Are you going through that phase where your parents are giving you a bucket load of tedious housework? Be bored no longer. At the Magnificent Mountain Range, there are many brilliant activities. Adult and children tickets are one pound each. For the day tour, we are open from 7am to 10pm. Like that’s not enough time. If not, you can pay an extra fifty pence to have a night time experience! What’s stopping you? It’s your pets, isn’t it? No problem. I am sure your pets would love a nice snuggle in your hired campervan. Book tickets today. Never put off until tomorrow! Worried about your pets being eaten? Our snow leopards are vegan, and extremely friendly.

Here we have:

  • Life-size inflatable mountains for kids;
  • Zip wires to soar through our real live mountains; (14+)
  • Harnesses to walk along a plank of wood with the snow leopards; (10+)
  • A large, heated river to float down, teaching the cubs to swim;
  • A racing track to ride the snow leopards;
  • Cub play zone;
  • Small animal petting zone. (Mice, puppies, chinchillas and baby flower-geckos.)


The Snow Angel Acrobats.

You may be looking forward to cuddling the almond-sized, shy, pink little flower-geckos, or riding a majestic snow leopard through the forest, but a snow leopard is nothing like a snow angel. Snow Angels are snow leopards, but with a halo and wings, and they will be performing for you. During your tour, this is what you will be experiencing:

  • Gawk as the Snow Angels pirouette, flawlessly across snowy mountain peaks;
  • Hold your breath as they drop through the air, imitating a dead birth before pulling out of the dive, just in time;
  • Giggle as the Snow Angels tickle you with their feathery wings;
  • Sigh as you are sent to sleep with the sound of the Snow Angels curling up on your campervan roof;
  • Cheer as the Snow Angels perform their breath-taking flying races;
  • Shudder as you soar through the mountains on the back of a Snow Angel;
  • Chuckle as you teach the cubs to summersault and fly.

Most importantly, have fun and be yourself, because remember, a leopard can’t change its spots!

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