Colour Island


Are your kids driving you nuts?

Are you longing for some peace and quiet?

Then why don’t you come to our peaceful Island where no kids are allowed. Colour Island will let you have a break from your nagging kids.

Admire our paint splattered nature.

Smile at our golden beach.

Feel peaceful at the metallic lazy river.

Make a wish in our bronze wishing well.

On our metallic lazy river you can spend hours listing to the soft sound of the wind blowing past and the birds singing a peaceful melody. We will provide you with:

  • A floatable bed that that is as warm and cosy as your own;
  • Waterproof ear pods so you can listen to your favourite tunes;
  • Beautiful scenery so you can always look at something peaceful;
  • Latest sunglasses so you don’t damage your eyes;
  • The coolest swimsuit so you can laze in style;
  • Unlimited sun cream so you don’t burn.


Colour Island is were peace begins. Many of our visitors have started mediating and yoga after coming to our expertise. “This is where my career all began.” Said Kate, a yoga teacher after her second visit.


There are also a load of shops full of yoga mats speakers and a whole range of clothes suited to your liking. There is parking at every possible place so you don’t drive your self crazy driving round the whole hotel to find a parking space.

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