The mystery of the missing parents


Lilly stared out of her window as the wind blew like a tornado hitting against the house. She saw everyone running like crazy crow squawking in danger scene the town was completely empty. There was only her her mum and her dad back. Millie was terrified.


chapter 1

Friday night was called, Lily broke up freezing like a ice pop in the fridge. She went down to turn on the heater. Suddenly, the lights turned on and of. Lilly heard something out side, she looked into the distance and a beam of light was shining on her.                                                                                              “Hello is anyone there?” Lilly said shouting in the distance. Then the light went more darker, it suddenly disappeared. Lilly was terrified she ran up stairs and went into the bedroom.

5  minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Lilly went to tell her parents but they weren’t there. She went to open the door.

”Hello, it’s me Leo.”

” Ohh hi Leo.” Lilly said shocked.

Lilly heard something on the roof, it sounded like someone was on there. Lilly stepped out side and saw to faint figures in the distance. “What’s up?” Asked Leo

” Nothing!”

” I can help, I know where your parents are!”
Lilly agreed. They hoped on there bikes and left.

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