Turtle Island

Friday 19th November 2021

L.O to write a persuasive advertisement.


Visit Turtle Island

Don’t miss out on this marvellous opportunity to come to this amazing paradise. You will have tour guides showing you around this spectacular adventure like nothing you have seen before. Come on and enjoy your selves?


Are you bored at home living the life of Great Britain string at the cloudy, dull sky? Do you dream of sliding down the emerald water slides well make your dream come true? Have you ever longed for a peaceful holiday then this is the place for you?


Relax on are comfortable, wooden sunbeds.

Try something new at are amazing 50% sale restaurant.

Go and visit the hills and look up at the spectacular view.

Right now visit the markets because we have a range of everything.

Come and try out are spectacular water slides where you can:

  • Race your friends at 50mph;
  • For safety wear turtle shell hats and wolf armour;
  • Our floats are made of lightweight titanium and rubber;
  • Learn to control the float in different directions;
  • Have coaching from experts


Wonderful whiz waterpark is where your adventures begin. Many of our guests have gone on to a career at water sports. “Thanks to Whiz, I won three Olympic gold medals!”, said Charles franklin, Olympic winner when he visited.

There is also limited parking time when it’s the weekend,

plenty of little cafes and restaurants where children eat free on week days

and stunning shops with big discounts.


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