Are your kids bored and lazy at home?

Are you stuck with the same routine?

Well you’re welcome to attend ,a place where your sugar rush grows high.

Make sure you’re happy and Joyful.Do you want to come?

Well search www.candyland for only 50 percent off the price.


  • Come to a delicious deluxe hotel and book luxurious rooms made out of sweets!
  • Get a crispy burger with lollipops on top,at candylicious dundy.
  • Swim at Lemon Beach where the water is lemonade!The beach has mascots wearing Lemon costumes and kids get free sweets too.


At a delicious deluxe hotel the service is so good and the pool on your balcony is made out of melted chocolate .

The location is near Rundi Rundi, our friend Island, 51 minutes away.

See you there and do not miss out on the fun!


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