Visit Neverbelieve Island

                                                                    Visit Neverbelieve Island

Are you bored of just sitting down on your couch all day and watching TV showing shows that you hate? Well, there is an island called Neverbelieve island which has all the fun stuff that you need. Your dad, mum, auntie, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, great grandfather, great grandmother, brother, sister, step-sister, step-brother, cousins, great great great great great grandfather and your great great great great great grandmother. 


Run around Harry Potter’s train.

Kill multiple ants.

Scream at the tunnel of death.

Win lots of prizes.


At Rich Rollercoaster, you can:

-Run around the ride

-Play games on the computers like: Minecraft or Geometry Dash

-Scream as loud as a tiger

-Jump and have a party


These are the prices of all the rides:

Rich Rollercoaster – $84,993.22

The tunnel of Death – $8,169.87

Harry Potter’s Train – $30,890.99

Goo Goo Goo – $2,100.00

Granny’s Tea – $92,274.69

Bobbbbby – $100,000

Hi! – $99,999.99


If you pay over £1,000,000 on rides, you can get back £50,000, win 69 Nintendo Switches, a lamborghini, a huge mansion, 1000 TVs or 100 PCs with a very high frame rate even when you play a game with very high graphics. Book 30 nights, to get 3 prizes when you leave!

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