Yes, visit Speedy Sloth Hotel and you won’t regret it.


Are your children driving you crazy at home? Do you need a quick getaway? Why not visit speedy sloth Hotel, where all your dreams will come true.


You will experience:

>A Soothing Sloth Refresher while sunbathing in the warm summers air.

>A pet sloth to keep you warm if you come in winter.

>Learn how to take care of a non-trained sloth and if you do well enough you will get to keep your very own sloth.

>Then enjoy our first-class tickets on the plane home that our staff will provide.


Speedy Sloth Hotel is where you belong. Many of our visitors have gone on to becoming professional zoo keepers, cocktail shakers and celebrities. “An outstanding experience,” said Bert who was a previous customer in the speedy Sloth Hotel.


I know that you are interested so go visit our website at at 077 69555 945!

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