Visit The Land of Light


Visit The Land of Light today and discover the fun, that is waiting to be found, for all the family!!!


Do your family ever get bored at the weekend?  Are you longing for some excitement? Do you need a fun break?  Well if you are, we have got the perfect place for you here!


Be exited at wonders, wonderful water world.

Scream with joy at Roles-Royce Roller-Coaster.

Have great fun at Splashes Swimming pool.

Be amazed in the Super Souvenir shop.

Let your tasted buds light up with joy at the sun cafe.


At Splashes Swimming pool all the family can learn to swim like an expert, whilst having so much fun! You can:

  • have coaching from a expert;
  • use our new F286 water slides;
  • learn to do all the strokes;
  • learn how to dive;
  • learn how to do a tumble turn;
  • get taught all the safety procedures;
  • have so much fun.

Splashies swimming pool is were your dreams come true.


Come to The Land of Light today and let all your worries drift away!!!!!!!!



























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