chapter 1 the escape

One stormy Christmas, a visitor knocked on the door of a warm, cosy burrow. The stranger said “I am the one who has been asked by the chief to tell the stories.” the guards of the burrow immediately let him inside.

The story teller came and said “Gather round children of the burrow and let me tell you the story of three extraordinary rabbits Percy, Pam and Popko.”

A long time ago, not far from here, stood one of the greatest burrows ever made. People came from far and wide to visit and stay there. The people of the burrow  probably had the kindest chief you could imagine and his children did extraordinary things. Their names were Percy, Pam and Popko. The oldest of the siblings was Pam then two years younger brother Percy and the baby Popko.

On a night like tonight came the Gorm, the most feared monsters to ever exist. The wife of the chief told her children to run away first through the tremendous trenches, then through the frightening forest and finally to the crevassing caves, the only place the Gorm cannot go because they cannot enter rooms made of rock. Off the bunnies set with food they were given by their mother. Hand in hand they treaded amongst the heavy snow. Percy was thinking about  what could happen to them. Will they get out alive?


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