Well, they couldn’t sit around and do nothing, the gorm were coming and there is no escaping the Gorm. Pipkin, Popkin and Plom the three rabbits who had no idea what they were doing.

It is really not easy to kill a gorm soldier – especially when you are already starving to death. They have jagged iron armour that scrapes against trees like nails on a chalkboard. Big crimson-red eyes and rabbit skulls around it’s waist. If only pipkin had something to break the armour. If only he weren’t so afraid, then maybe, just maybe he could defeat the gorm. He knew he was going to risk his and his beloved pipkin and plom just to kill the dreaded gorm. What would he do? How would he defeat the gorm? He didn’t know, he could never know. It was just so hard!

They had started walking by now. They would have to walk miles to get away from the gorm. Pipkin wished that he would die. Then he would be in the sky with father, worry-free. He knew the pain of leaving his poor brother and sister. He would never see them again, they would be helpless, alone, running from the gorm. Pipkin couldn’t bear the thought of it.

That night, they stopped after walking 9 miles.  They had stopped in a cave to eat some berries that popkin had prepared. They knew that if they stopped here they would be wasting time, they knew they would be found. Eventually.

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