Podkin One-Ear | Theodore | Woodborough school year 6

Podkin One-Ear

Chapter 1


Here is the unfortunate story of Bob, Barry, Barbra and Chris.


You see, this started all the way back  in 1999. The group (all family) were flying back to the UK from their  visit to America. When they were flying over Nothingland the plane lost all connection with the engines and sadly crashed into the depths of the land below. Bob said to the rest, ” Is everyone ok? Ow” “Yeah.” said everyone else in the group. Then Chris spoke,” So we are now trapped here with probably  an escape route. Maybe somewhere up north. so let’s work out where in the world we are.” whispered Chris as he spat out the words. They made their way through the woods looking for anything useful and then a couple of hours later Barbra found something that will change their life for ever. “Look what I found guys! It’s an old map!” shouted Barbra. Chris looked at it then replied, ” Yes indeed that is a map.”


As they followed the map they came across a forest. They looked at the map and realized they came across Weeping Woods. Bob’s legs gave in and he fell to the ground and wept. Then Chris started to cry and said, ” I know why we are crying its because we are in Weeping Woods and its very dangerous for us.” Then he fell to the ground and had a panic attack. The rest followed apart from Bob. He did not know what was about to happen…

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