The Maid


This story begins all the way back at Dark Mod Warren, where I (Popkin) was ready for anything.  I trained 24-7 everyday from the age of five. Now though I’m bored of waiting so I decided to go off and find adventure with my younger brother Tethop and older sister Perka and that’s where the story full of betrayal, friendship and victory starts…

We were walking around in the deep, dark wood when we saw a little window in a tree.  Unsurprisingly, we headed towards it.  Anticipation, wonder, curiosity – which would keep us walking further?  By the way we are all rabbits.  Wishing we were doing the right thing, we crept closer wondering who might live in the tall, dark oak tree.  Suddenly, we stopped, our ears twitching.  A shrill shriek echoed around.  What was in there?  As we got closer, on a door as tall as a penguin, a sign said Go to the Maid!  Everyone knew what the Maid was – it was a gigantic mansion (for a rabbit), which was peeling with paint, that everyone stayed away from and I made the mistake of going to it.

The inside was worse than the outside.  With so many rooms I lost count; one with a single table and chair, another with a single bed sitting lonely in the middle of it and the worst one of all was a mirror maze.  After what felt like an hour, they reached a dead end and took a moment to take in what they had just seen.  Unfortunately, they all knew which room they had to go in.  When they finally got back to the mirror maze they all nodded to each other and cautiously went in.  They had no idea what awaited them…



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