Once upon a time there was a boy called Salamance who, as this story was in the time before humans, was a rabbit. One day, a rumour went round the warren that the Moriats were back and that they were thriving. Two days later, an emergency call was received from the bronze water warren saying that the Moriats attacked the wood rabbit warren and there were only 4 survivors.

Interestingly, it was the chieftain’s two sons and two daughters who survived the attack and they were heading to the bronze water warren. The children’s names were Salamance, Prowler, Rose and Poppy.  However, these children from the wood rabbit warren did not know that the bronze water warren had already been taken over by the Moriats. They were on the way to bronze water warren when they heard the heavy clunking of iron and so they set a trap. The trap was that whoever stepped on a old, rotting log in the middle of the path would activate a tripwire and the ground they were stood on would fall into the pit, carrying the Moriats with it.

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