Chapter 2 locked Buster SWW

Chapter 2

Slowly, Barney and Old Rusty crept towards their home. It looked like it had been left for a lifetime, Old Rusty looked at Barney and nodded. Nervously, Barney slipped out the key that he had got from the letter, and put his other hand to support it since it was the size of a cup. The dented gold key could be used again. There was a bang! Suddenly, they dropped the key and it was swallowed by the deep mist. Barney gasped, as quick as a flash he shot down accidentally headbutting Old Rusty’s head. There was a bang, crack. It wasn’t just the key: it was the branch above them. Worried, Old Rusty caught sight of something shiny from the corner of his eye, it was the key. Barney jumped away thinking his horse would come with him but he didn’t. Quickly, Old Rusty grabbed they key in his mouth and ran. The huge branch had fallen with a bang and Barney worried that a crunch like tin had crushed Old Rusty! The golden key hit Barney’s feet. He started crying. There was a voice next to him,
“Too bad for that old bin.” Barney looked round, it was Old Rusty!
“Sorry pal I dropped the key when I fell over.”
Excitedly, Barney rushed to the door with the key. He put the key stiffly in the keyhole. There was a click that echoed through the hall. Home.

Old Rusty sighed, “I missed home.” He shot up, “Right, where is this ring then?” They started to run over the damp wooden floor, dodging the lifeless robots. After a while, they got to the abandoned living room. It was how they had left it. The blood red wallpaper was still up. The fluffy scarlet carpet was still clean. Barney looked around at the walls and saw the pictures of his family and him, when he was a baby. A tear dropped out of his eye as he remembered all the memories. Old Rusty nudged him. Then he woke up into reality. Walking towards the fireplace they saw the red velvet chair, where her father always sat but now he was gone. There were two boxes and a little golden clock. He opened the first box. There was some money inside of the box. Barney put down the box on to the see-through back glass. Sighing he picked up the other box. There was a red light waiting for an eye. Cautiously, he put he eye to it. It turned green and opened. There it was. The Ring.

The key to the most valuable sky ship ever. “What is that inside?” asked Barney.
“A map to treasure.” replied Old Rusty Barny starting to run to the front door with Old Rusty chasing Barney. At last they made it to the tin on the floor in the garden excited he pulled it over. At last the sky ship had reached light. Barney jumped into the sky ship. Barney was running around the sky ship yelling, “When will Papa mum and me fly this when!” Until he remember they were gone. Forever.

There were loud footsteps on the sky ship. They both quietly span around there was a shadow coming down the deck. At that moment, Barney knew that he gave away where they were. Suddenly someone else came round the sail saying,
“Give us the ring and no one has to get hurt.” Barney ran past him, with Old Rusty galloping into the person. They ran back in the house, slammed the door and ran upstairs and hid in Barney’s mums bedroom. Old Rusty whispered,
“Hide unless you want to get caught” Barney jumped in the closet giving Old Rusty two pieces of wood. Suddenly the person came into the room. But didn’t see them and because Old Rusty was posing as a rocking horse. They sighed in relive. Seconds later Barney got out panicking. Felling in his pockets Barney whispered,
“I lost the key.” They ran to the window and saw the people walking away laughing with the book.
Barney knew it was his fault.

Old Rusty stared in fury and got Barney on his back and galloped outside. They turned around. All of a sudden, Old Rusty collapsed sending Barney flying into the people’s feet they stamped on his head his vison went black. After a couple of hours. Barney woke up and his vison was burly. He saw Old Rusty next to him. Barney wiped his head and winded up Old Rusty. After two minutes he woke up saying,
“Why are we in a bunker?” Barney said
“We not just in a bunker we are also doomed.”

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