Chapter two-Cogheart Adventures.


Chapter 2

The Golden Brook twisted and turned. Feeling worried, she slowed down. She would be all right. Quietly, Evelyn looked deep into the clear brook, that shimmered in the sunlight. It gushed to the west, in the direction that her Pa had died. She sighed, contently, knowing that this was the place her Pa had loved, and the place he visited most. She strained her ears to hear the familiar voice of her Ma blessing him, but there was none. Within the depths of the brook, the water was a clear gold, that turned a phoenix red in the sunset and sun rise. It was as beautiful as the sun. The fish seemed peaceful, gliding forwards, then jumping up, almost flying, then going back down again. Breathing out a small sigh of tranquillity, she stepped, daringly close to the river.
”C’mon. We’d better go now, or we’ll never get out again.”

Evelyn and Robert walked slowly up the brook, on and on, until their feet were covered with blisters. Arconcia fluttered cheerily behind.
”The sun’ll be going down soon.” Robert said helpfully.
Evelyne snapped back, ”We are NOT going back until we find the harp.”
Glancing at the brook, she noticed something strange. The fish’s patterns had changed. They seemed to be going around a large lump of wood, that was decaying, but Evelyn’s sharp eyes spotted a glint of gold. The harp. Yelling at the top of her lungs she said: ”Here! HERE!” Scrambling over a few rocks, and falling on the springy grass more than twice, she reached the brook. She staggered into the water, which was oddly warm near the wood. Without caring about keeping clean nails, she dug at the wood, throwing it carelessly out of the brook. It revealed a small, gleaming harp.

Evelyn passed it to Robert. Interested, he examined it closely, observing every single detail.
”Ahah!” exclaimed Robert. He took out two, transparent screws, delicately.
”Careful,” gasped Evelyne, ”It’s delicate!” The harp split in half, making no noise on the light green grass. Evelyne fought the urge to run and strangle Robert; she knew he knew what to do, and wouldn’t break it deliberately. Encased inside was a single, glowing string, as long as the harp, but as delicate as a butterflies wings. A note lay beside it bearing only the words: Your heart will beat forever.
”No wonder your mother had enemies. This means that this string, this innocent string, can keep you alive for ever!”

”Indeed. Why don’t you pass it to me? It may be – dangerous.” Hissed a smooth voice from behind them. Evelyne and Robert whipped around, and gasped. A silhouetted figure leaned carelessly on a nearby tree, and Evelyne could see a smug look among his ugly features. Recognising something distinctive about the way he moved, something in her brain clicked. Lord Goldfly. Her own, dear, great uncle was being the villain. Lord Goldfly passed his hand through his pale blonde hair, and smiled, unkindly. Arconia fluttered excitedly, spectating the view in front of her.
”I’ve been…. waiting for you. To lead me to the treasure of my life. Thank you.” He finished harshly. He snatched the string from Evelyne’s hands, as rapidly as a gust of strong wind. He cackled, his head turned to the sky, all his teeth showing. Darting around, Evelyn looked for an exit. It was too late.

Only minutes later, the children had been encaged in a dull, gloomy room, with a thin **** as a window. It was like a real prison, but worse. The door was bolted and locked, as strong as an ox, and there was no stones that revealed a passage.
”He-he betrayed my PA!” Evelyne stamped her feet hard on the cold floor.
”Did you know that stone is made from granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate?” Said Robert, saying the dreaded did you knows.
”No.” Snapped back Evelyne. ”We are going to get out of hear, rescue Ma, and get that string back.”
”Good luck with that.” Murmured Robert. Evelyn gave him a look that made him shrivel, immediately making him regret even speaking.
”We are going to find our way out!” Retorted Evelyn. As Robert brushed the dust off his his fingers, he could only fell one emotion: Despair.

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