The Secret Watch Chapter 2 by Ayla and Maya

End of chapter 1


“He’s right” squeaked Shadow. “We need to get back to Thorn house and save it before the bad people get it.”


Chapter 2


Thorn House stood silent. Ava peered up to her once-welcome bedroom. But the usual brightness from a flickering candle was gone. Outside, the brisk coldness of winter snow brushed across the cobbled pathway of doom. Outside,a gnarled tree dropped rough bark. Ava snatched the keys and the lock clicked but the warmth of the house was now cold like the sea in the winter. Inside, the thick dust hung in patches like seaweed scrabbling to cling onto a jagged rock.


Ava and Luke staggered up the not-so velvety stairs and went directly to her bedroom. Shadow,sniffled for ideas.The lilac marble wallpaper was peeling off in damp places. The frame of her bed was crooked and the splinters were zooming round the room like a rocket.Fragments of her favourite candles were still on her shelf neatly above the books she had collected. Thankfully, her chromebook, with stickers of her adventures plastered on the cover, was still hidden at the back of her rustic wardrobe. 


Curious, Luke picked up the chromebook and accidentally pulled back a secret slot. It revealed a note bearing that her Father had invented a new bun with glazed icing.


“No wonder people are chasing him. If you can create a food then that would be GREAT. Worth a fortune.” muttered Luke, full of amazement. 


“ So that’s why he’s disappeared! “Exclaimed Ava.

“ Exactly,” came a frosty voice. Out of the darkness,professor fire swished into the room. His hair was burning orange and his teeth caramelised with rot. “I have been waiting for you to appear. I need that recipe plan,” he snarled and with that he snatched it off her, cackling to himself.


Minutes later,the children were locked in a garage with tools,bikes and lots more surrounding them!

“We’ll never get out of here,” he muttered with pain.

“Yes we will. We’ll fight back,” she demanded…

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