The necklace-Chapter 2


“You probably should, we gotta go to FencePort Castle now,” roared Olivia “ROAR!”


Chapter 2

The second they arrived at FencePort Castle Donna’s heart sank. It wasn’t what she imagined to look like. There were no lights in any rooms. Darkness all around. She looked up to her dad’s room and there was no smoke coming out of the chimney. Lily groaned as little drops of rain splattered onto her hood. She reached down and grabbed the keys from her little purple handbag. CREAK. The door opened. Every step they took there was an awful creaking sound. No pictures of their family hung up anymore, instead there were pictures of a professor.


Donna sprinted to her bedroom with Olive close behind and Olivia sniffing round the place sniffing like mad. Donna fell to the ground to find that her room was a mess. Floorboards were missing, the door knob to her cupboard was broken, there were feathers all over the floor from her featherdown pillow and most importantly she managed to open her cupboard and found her diary.


Olive picked up the diary and the best news in the world made a smile appear on her round face. It was the necklace. Her mother’s necklace. It had the butterfly printed onto the collar like Donna had been telling Olive about earlier that day. “Wow this is amazing. This necklace is really rare, no wonder people are after it.”


“Oh! I get it now” cried Donna, staring at the beautiful necklace engraved onto the necklace.


“I agree,” came a deep voice echoing through Donna’s bedroom. Donna gasped. She knew who this man was. This man was Professor Thunder, her dad’s old friend. He itched his ear and grinned maliciously……….. “I’ve waited ages for you to come back and collect your necklace. Look over here, it’s your father!” he cried, Donna turned her head to her balcony hoping to see her father. He wasn’t there. Before she could say something mean back to him he snatched the necklace out of Olive’s arms.


Later, the two girls and the lion awoke to find themselves locked away in the wood shed. There was a tiny little hole on the wall, just about the size for a rat to wriggle through. “What an evil man. My dad trusted him.” Donna sobbed. She banged on the door. “Help! Help! He is a clever man isn’t he. He’s locked it and probably tied it with rope.”


“Say hello to our new home,” whimpered Olive, not really wanting Donna to hear. 




“Alright then, no need to shout,” whispered Olive so quietly, nobody could hear her. She looked at the floor, not sure what else to do or say…


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