The spectacular luxurious hotel

Come and visit the spectacular luxuries palace


This summer you deserve to have a fun relaxing adventure at our grand hotel, we have the best possible area right next to the beach with rides of all sorts and stunning sunset views with mountain backgrounds. We also offer grand luxury rooms for those who get here by the 1st March, we have all sorts of activities like paddle boarding, volleyball, archery and more.


Our outstanding activities 


.  Free paddle boarding lessons for all ages 

. A volleyball court open for 24 hours 7 days a week

. Archery lessons free for ages 12 and under

. Field hockey (comes with all the gear)

. Heated hot tub and pool  

For a fortnight here in the peaceful relaxing sunshine read more about what is here and how to book 


Foods and drinks 


All you can eat breakfast comes free with your ticket 

At the glorious beach free tropical drinks and brain freezing slushies

A Sunday roast covered in delicious gravy

A fresh fish and chips Friday

A taco Tuesday with fresh lettuce

And a special meal for every day


Why wouldn’t you want to come here? It so magnificent that Pie Corbett himself rated it 11 stars out of 10 and would come back every year what a rating!


Don’t forget! 


  1. Book by the end of the month and you will get 20% off!
  2. 8 and undergo free
  3.  Volleyball court open 24 hours 7 days a week


To book phone 07798 5667 4553 or visit www. Hotel luxurious.

Do it before you regret it!

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