Dairy Entry by Will

Diary Entry

Last night the most incredible thing happened. I was walking along the sea wall of my local fishing town on my normal route along the beach after a long day on my shift at the fish and chip shop. The waves crashed against the sea wall and the tide slowly came in the cold breeze hit my face. I rapped up warm with my scarf , hat and gloves and carried on walking.

All I could smell was the scent of the orchard flowers from the graveyard my dad was buried in on rosemary topping hill that overlooked the bright blue ocean. A sound of a dog caught my attention as I watched it stride across the swell of the one fishing boats heading to sea out of the boat packed harbour.

I sat on the pair eating my last churro from the night beforehand keeping both eyes on the seagulls which were eyeing them. When a slightly big creature emerged from the sea bed stomping on past the smooth but crumbling rocks. It’s claws marked the sand pushing a storm of sand into the gloomy night of the ocean as its eyes daringly glared at my face. Roaring it kept going all the local fishing families where now out of there homes wondering what the sound was but thought nothing of it. Then it ran back into the shallow end of the ocean. I called the police immediately but they just had a laugh. I legged it back to my house it seemed like every living thing had fled.

Had I just seen the mythical creature from all the story books? Were the hundreds of legends true? I would never find out because no one would believe me. I just acted like nothing had ever happened that incredible night.

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