Why isn’t he mean? By Izzy

Why isn’t he mean

Last night was a mystery,I strolled down the peer of Barry Island, my dog Taffy following behind. I gazed at the sun, slowly sinking into the depths of the ocean as if the waves were pulling it down. A few birds passed overhead, singing songs of pure happiness. It was warm outside, a big contrast to the usual windy weather.

Taffy trailed of in her own direction, plodding along and enjoying the warmth. I however kept moving onwards, smiling at the sunset.

By now it was getting a little darker outside and the sun had fully sunk. The warm weather started to turn into a whispy wind. A smell of seafood danced in the air around me and managed to travel to my nose. I reeled back at the shocking stench, it was quite unexpected.

I called for Taffy but she didn’t come running back (as I expected), she fell asleep enjoying the temperature. And then it all started, out of the slight gloom I saw a silhouette, emerging from the glassy ocean. Teeth of daggers jutted out of its mouth, skin so slimy I gagged.

I caught a glimpse of its claws, before he hid them behind his back, looking a little guilty. I saw a little bit of sadness captured in his blue gaze. His arms were short but skinny, his legs on the other hand were long and large, keeping his very stable. I had never seen a creature nor animal like it! As I stood stuck to the ground I saw him bow his head as though he had done something wrong. I felt bad for this creature.

Taffy had woken up and started trotting towards me and the creature. Taffy had obviously caught his eye because he started waving a solemn goodbye and walked backwards. I wanted to scream out to him but I was speechless.

When I could move again I started walking back in the direction of my hut, confused but exited. Taffy once again followed behind yapping and wagging her tail. What had happened to that monster? Will I ever see it again? Why wasn’t it mean?

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