Diary entry

Diary Entry by Sebastian S

Last night, the strangest thing happened. I was just strolling along the luscious golden sand. The calm waves brushed against the smooth stones. Every so often I stopped to skim a stone. It was a bit chilly so I made sure I put on my large coat so I could stay warm.

I wondered round the beach exploring everything in sight. Crystal like stones covered the coast. While I picked up stones I kept walking towards the cobbled stairs to get back on the high street.

As the sun over Brighton began to fade I strolled closer to the exit. The rain began to stream down from the clouds as I lifted up my hood. I saw a little beach umbrella a few yards away I sprinted to it so I could shelter from the rain. The smell of salt filled the air as the rain lashed down.

It was that moment I saw it. A shadow stumbled across the sand dunes. Fear raced through my mind. I stepped closer to the figure. Walking into light it revealed itself. It’s blood shot eyes perused me.

I saw long gnarled fingers antlers sticking out it’s head and webbed feet made foot prints every step it took. It was somehow crossed between a man and a fish. The jaws looked shattered from my angle. I saw a glass bottle on the ground and threw it. I hit it first time it dashed away and I was safe. I sprinted away and did not even glimpse back.

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