The Dragon Fury

As Veronica was looking over the sky ship, sweat was dripping off her forehead. Zac was in the secret room doing some very hard work. Veronica was finding it hard to keep warm because there was a storm.  The storm took them off course which made them panic but they figured it out and it was all okay. They had been travelling for one month now trying to find something worthy.

The furious hungry dragons came down from above the clouds. The dragons saw the ship and wanted to destroy it so they could get the food inside. The dragon glared at the pirates on the ship dribbling off hunger. The dragons couldn’t wait any longer and they dived down next to the sky ship attempting to destroy it they didn’t give up and tried again…

Minutes later, Zac and Veronica tried getting away by turning the ship around and zooming away. But that didn’t work because the dragons were still going after them. Both Zac and Veronica thought they wouldn’t go away until they got what they wanted. Unexpectedly, Captain Veronica saw a piece of land from above the clouds and said

“That’s where we will land.”Suddenly, Veronica made the ship dive down. They went through the layers of clouds holding on tightly. They eventually landed.

“Have the dragons gone?” said Zac

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