Dear Diary

Yesterday morning nearly gave me a heart attack! I was going on an early stroll in the morning on the beach. When I started to be able to smell something rotting like fish that has been put in a bin and left there for 24/7. I heard growling, it sounded like an animal but not a fish.

Suddenly, a giant beast leaped out of the water it was covered in spikes and it was green I had never seen something green come out of the sea that isn’t seaweed or another plant. It had teeth like razors and very shiny scales. It had five short legs like a mutant and it’s legs were spread out like a spider!

It squirted salt water into my eyes so I couldn’t see. I tried to run but I got trapped in some kind of goo and the goo is what was making that horrible smell. I managed to get the water out of my eyes and then I saw it face to face. It was terrific it looked like a squid head on a human body! I pulled out my phone and tried to ring the police but my phone was dead. Luckily, a school of fish swam by and caught its attention and it swam out to catch the fish.

I tried to get out of the goo but the only way to get out of the goo was if water went on it I could probably slip my foot out. This day I was very lucky because the tides were coming in if this didn’t happen I would probably be dead.

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