Dear Diary by Seegol

This morning, ( at 3:40) something amazing happened. I was taking a walk by the beach. The colossus waves were tumbling over pebbles and rocks. As I was walking with Mrs Fossil she said ‘’ it’s a good day.’’ 

We saw Violet Parma with Boathook man and Dr Thalassi eating fish and chips. Suddenly, a seagull came and took a chip off Violet she shouted ‘’ Go Away!’’ 


Out of nowhere there was a rotten fish smell coming from the ocean. I turned and in the water I saw 2 red eyes and shark-like teeth. Herbert and Sebastian ran up to the Malamander. The Malamander got angry and bit their legs.


It happened on Cheerie-on sea beach at 4:30 Herbert was screaming ‘’ Get an Ambulance’’. So Mrs Fossil called 911 as I hit the Malamander with a stone.


I got away by jumping in Mrs Fossil’s shop to get away. And hide until the Malamander got back in the ocean.

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