The Bubble Creature by Eloise SWW

Dear Diary,

Yesterday evening, I was plodding along the boardwalk in my home town of Kington, when the most extraordinary thing happened. It was a chilly moonlit night, and the pier seemed ghostly. Silently, I walked down on to the sandy shore. Looking up, I gazed at my reflection under the iridescent picture of the stars. I sighed quietly to myself and carried on along the beach. I found myself next to the splintered, wooden beam of the pier and looked up through the cracks; something moved. Noiselessly, I followed the moving figure. I then realised what it was. A rat. I nervously chuckled to myself and told myself that I was being silly, scared of a rat.

Suddenly, I heard bubbling. I twisted on my heels and stared at the sea. The bubbling was getting louder and the pressure was so harsh that I thought the sea would explode. Without warning, two fiery eyes pierced into my body like lasers; two black horns snipped through the salty water. I paced backwards with fear and gulped. The creature opened its mouth and I spied thousands of razor sharp knife like teeth.
As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared into complete darkness. It was gone. Maybe those myths were true. Had I just seen Hazard the Bubble Monster?

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